Internal & External Gears

Using our milling, hobbing, shaping, we can cut your internal and external spur gears in various sizes. For external gears, our diameter capacity is a minimum of 1/8" to a maximum of 80", with a diametral pitch from 96 to 2.0, a module measurement of 0.25 to 20, and length upto 6", when shaping is used. For hobbed gears, we can produce lengths up to 56". Internal gears have a minimum diameter of 1" and a maximum of 36", with diametrical pitch from 96 to 3.0, module from 0.25 to 8, and a maximum shaped length of 6".

We can work with brass, bronze, aluminum, and various steels, as well as plastics. Our customers come from a wide range of industries, and we are sure to be able to meet any custom gear requirement you may have. Contact Sagar Gears with any questions or for more information. These gears are used specially for the cranes, equipments that are used for materials, sugar plants, chemical plants, coal handling equipments, steel rolling mills and petrochemical equipments.

Custom Gear Manufacturing Specifications

Diameter (Internal Gears) Diameter (External Gears) Diametral Pitch(Internal Spur Gears)
Min: 1 in. Max: 36 in. Min: 1/8 in. Max: 80 in. Min: 96 DP Max: 3.0 DP

Diametral Pitch(External Gears) Module(Internal Gears) Module(External Gears)
Min: 96DP Max: 2.0DP Min: .25. Max: 8 Min: .25 Max: 25

Length Hob (External Gears) Length Shaped (Internal Gears) Length Shaped(External Gears)
Max: 56 in. Max: 6 in. Max: 6 in.

General Capabilities

As Needed Contract Just-In-Time Production Small Parts

Materials used:

Alloy Steel Aluminium Brass Bronze Carbon Steel Ductile Iron
Gray Cast Iron Nylon Plastic Phenolic Polycarbonate Stainless Stee

Spur Gear Cutting & Finishing Methods:

Climb Hobbing Conventional Hobbing Grinding
Milling Shaping Shaving

Heat Treatment Methods

Carburizing Flame
Induction Nitriding

Production Volume

Specialty Production Shop Prototype Low Volume Small Run
High Volume Large Run Long Run Large Scale Production Volume Run