Roller Chains

Roller chain comes with all the security and performance that you want to keep your chain drives in great shape. All these great features make the first choice for industry.

  1. Solid roller and solid bush
  2. End-softened pins make it easy to disassemble this chain
  3. Look for the round or "spin" riveting for the sign of a Renold chain
  4. The high waist plate shape with a high waist gives better stress distribution
  5. Engineered for the best fatigue resistance you can get
  6. Delivers wear resistance that surpasses anything produced elsewhere
  7. Components manufactured to the highest specifications for unbeatable accuracy
  8. For longer working life choose Renold roller chain

As standard:

  1. Solid roller, solid bush
  2. End-softened pins for easy disassembly
  3. High waist plate shape
  4. Unrivalled component accuracy
  5. Reliability, Reputation and Performance

What this means to you:

  1. Unbeatable wear and fatigue resistance
  2. Reduced bedding-in times
  3. Longer working life
  4. Better resistance to shock loadings

Conveyor Chain

Serving industries all over the world, conveyor chain expertise is based on design experience, flexible manufacturing techniques and the ability to adapt to a particular customer’s requirements to produce the right result.

Applications include:

  1. Bakery Chain
  2. Crawler cranes
  3. Escalator Step Chains
  4. Heavy duty conveying applications
  5. Oilfield Chain
  6. Palm Oil Chain
  7. Road pavers
  8. Sugar Mill Chain
  9. Waste Water Treatment Chain

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